Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Photos done the quickie way

One thing to be grateful about the digital era is the prominence given to quality and time. Today, it is pretty evident that the realm of photography is changing into somewhat dazzling portal.

There is wide latitude of printing options to choose from. There are ample ways to get them. In fact, photos can now be developed in-store, on high street in an automated kiosk and even at the confines of our very homes.

Photos are also done the fast way. Processing can only take minutes. In fact, it can be processed faster than drying your nail polish. Thus, to wait in vain is no longer our misery.

With the arrival of broadband internet access, direct online photo-printing service over the internet was made possible. A few days after, we can already receive the prints. Good quality prints plus fast service result to satisfied customers.

The frontrunner of this phenomenon is Bonusprint. It was followed by other photo printing companies like Canon, Kodak and Fuji. Aren’t you glad they made it to our era?
It’s high time to bade old fashioned prints goodbye. They are short in quality yet time-consuming. Printing services has never been this good!


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