Monday, May 01, 2006


Hitting Persuasion..

Tiny pieces of paper like business cards are hardly noticeable. Nonetheless, we cannot underestimate their worth. Tiny as they may be, business cards can be the perfect marketing tool for entrepreneurs to be able to get clients.

As tiny marketing tools, they need all the techniques they can get to make them a stand-out. Using all the right techniques with the modern machines, you can make the perfect business card.

This would mean that you have to get first the attention of your target market to make them interested. The next big thing to be considered is the content of the card. The most commonly overlooked marketing factor in business cards is the message that the card conveys. Be sure to address this shortcoming.

Making your card as unique and catchy would distinguish it from other cards. First, you get the best deal of hitting the market in their soft spots and that leads to persuasion. By that you will be assured that you will get your card’s desired marketing quality and business worth.


Business and Rush Printing Services

Whoever you are in the business chain, the fact is that you aim good results. This is the rationale behind the hard work, mind torture and implementations of plans.

Introducing your business in a bigger and wider scope of market operations need not be complicated. One creative yet so simple strategy is the use of rush printing services.

Creating a business tag line is important in building reputation. In fact, it is a factor that boosts goodwill. Therefore, the first thing that should be done is to create a business tagline that will reflect your statement, vision, goal or the thing that will easily retain in the mind. The tag line must be short, catchy and easy to recall. After the tagline, gather photo images that will complement the former. It must gain impact the moment they are made as subject of four color printing services because they will be your instrument to get undivided trust from purchasers.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Photos done the quickie way

One thing to be grateful about the digital era is the prominence given to quality and time. Today, it is pretty evident that the realm of photography is changing into somewhat dazzling portal.

There is wide latitude of printing options to choose from. There are ample ways to get them. In fact, photos can now be developed in-store, on high street in an automated kiosk and even at the confines of our very homes.

Photos are also done the fast way. Processing can only take minutes. In fact, it can be processed faster than drying your nail polish. Thus, to wait in vain is no longer our misery.

With the arrival of broadband internet access, direct online photo-printing service over the internet was made possible. A few days after, we can already receive the prints. Good quality prints plus fast service result to satisfied customers.

The frontrunner of this phenomenon is Bonusprint. It was followed by other photo printing companies like Canon, Kodak and Fuji. Aren’t you glad they made it to our era?
It’s high time to bade old fashioned prints goodbye. They are short in quality yet time-consuming. Printing services has never been this good!

Thursday, February 23, 2006


Positive Impression and its Aftermath

Impressions, as we all know, are blurry ideas in which confidences are given. Marketing materials such as business cards, posters, postcards, flyers, brochures and catalogs must satisfy the customer’s confidences even at the very first sight of the material.

Catalogs, for instance, must leave a lasting and positive first impression. Before they can encourage potential readers to read on, they must entice them first to come closer and take a look at them.

To complete the marketing formula, the company or its marketer must entrust the potential masterpieces to a master in catalogs printing. If you have hesitations and worries regarding the printing process, the colors and materials like paper and ink to be used, ask the pool of experts that surround the printing company. They will help you seek solutions to your catalogs printing dilemmas.

In the production of catalogs, areas of concentration must be established and considered. One area is the product or service. Some product need not be included in the catalog while some are indispensable. Choosing which are to be incorporated from which are not must be carefully done.

After selection is categorization or grouping. There are products that can be grouped as one while there are products that need to be presented singly. Samples of these products are the feature for the month and the freshly released products.

Next to categorization is the process of creating descriptions. Descriptions must be exact or definite. You can begin by writing the name of the product or service followed by its features. Ideal number of words range from 30 to 60 words for every product or service.

Always make a good impression!


The Warmth of Human Touch Captured

When it comes to business people, personal touch is indispensable in order to get not only the attention of probable customers but good relations as well. To do this, promotional tools are packaged with warmth and personality in them.

Business cards for one have incorporated personalization in its production. Personalization is the solution that can make business cards a powerful marketing tool. With it, every owner or business is given a broader sphere and a wider leeway in connection with your custom business cards printing needs.

With personalization, just anybody can make use of his own design as well as texts and incorporate it with his business logo and name to make it appear more personal and warm. The more you are perceived personal by your potential customers, the more they become closer to you. This is because you build an impression of affability and comfort and they, in turn, develop trust and confidence in you.

The competition is getting stiffer and stiffer everyday. You have to cope up with the struggle to stay in the echelon of success. Business cards can be your saving grace. Perhaps, this is your high time to consider custom business cards printing.


Desire for MORE

Flyers must be catchy. Let’s face it, people will not be reading your flyers if they are not attracted with its design. Thus, to create a center of attention in the flyer will make an overwhelming difference.

Another attribute is good organization. Separate contents by using borders and boxes. That way, it will not be taxing for the readers to read it.

Third attribute is excellent communication. Mediocre flyers are easy to point out. Grammatical errors are blatant and the message is vague. Moreover, communications purpose, which is comprehension, will not be achieved.

Be sure to give a persuasive message. Readers read to their heart’s content. Since flyers are not technical pieces of readings, try to be more persuasive to capture your future customer’s emotion.

When you have already established a nice flyer connection, stick to it. This is known as progressive familiarity. If you keep changing your dominant stinger or logo, the result would be disadvantageous to your business. The chain of familiarity and retention will surely result to obsolescence.

Never ever forget the call to action. Guide them what to do next. Purchase, subscribe or whatever it is that you want them to do afterwards. Give your complete details so that you will easily be contacted.

Finally, you have to consider an expert commercial printer which offers state-of-the-art flyers printing services. Be sure that your commercial printer is both reputable and credible.

Friday, February 10, 2006


Assessing the Print Market

In the blog entry Free PIA/GATF economic report released, a book regarding the economy of the print market in relation to its printing services was introduced.

The entry says: PIA/GATF recently released a special report Over the Horizon: The Economy and Print Markets — 2005–2007. The report provides an assessment of the economy and print markets over the last year and a forecast of future trends, major threats, and opportunities that will impact print markets over the next two years. The report is free to members — a $250 value. Non-members may purchase the report through GAIN's bookstore.

I find this book interesting and worth-reading. If you are into the printing services, this can be of great help to you. We have to know some backgrounder, then we reflect on the present plight og the print markets to foresee and understand what is going to happen soon.

Let us see whether the print market will improve this year and in the coming years…

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Personalized Message – Warmer, Better!

Personalization is pretty much in hype these days. It is widely preferred because of its warmer aura and better features. Personalization is the process of using your own photos, images and texts in order for your printing needs to appear warmer and more personal than those customarily made.

Same with business cards, posters, flyers, catalogs and brochures, postcards can also be used as an effective marketing tool. It can transmit your business’ information by just hand transfer. It is one of the most convenient and economical tool that you can rely.

Create a good message. That is the secret towards successful marketing. You have only a few seconds to attract readers so do not spoil that. Make a brief and easy to read text. Complement it with an attractive graphics. Simple yet catchy that’s the idea behind postcards.

In the blog entry entitled Personalized Postcards and Greeting Cards, various tips and facts about postcards and greeting cards were posted. In addition, postage stamps and postal service were also delved in. For those postcard and greeting card fanatics, you can visit the site for added information.

Put some spice to your postcards. This spice can be brought about by your catchy personalized design and content. One way to build a great business relationship is to make your offer special. You can pass on coupons to your potential customers. If they do not intend to use it, they can pass it on to others. This process can result to new clients, new purchases and repeat purchases as well. Consequently, it will result to a closer bond between you and your customers. Online postcards printing can make this thing happen for you – the easy way!


So Upset of Ads?!

Today’s people are busy people. They hardly find time to read ads. Therefore, marketers and businessmen alike incorporate their ads in newsletters. News is something people can’t live without. Thus, the importance of newsletters cannot be overemphasized in today’s modern world.

We hardly knew ye, a commentary blog entry that tackles our economic plight is an example of how important communication, news and newsletters are. We really are broke and wounded. However, we still have to cope up and be inspired despite all of these things.

Pictures paint a thousand words the same way that words pain thousands of pictures. However, can it convey the right message or picture if they are ambiguous and done in a so-so manner?

Newsletters, because it uses pictures and texts, must capture every inch of reality, clarity and beauty. The angle must be accurate, the dimensions intriguing and the colors full. Just anybody can be swept away by the bright and tempting colors, majestic aura, and crisp texts. This is the very reason why we should meticulously choose the right newsletter printing process. Newsletter printing has been proven to effectively bring out the best in newsletters.


Postcard Rocks!

Design is the frontier in every work of art. It is the one responsible in attracting the viewers the moment you stare at it. It can either hold you or let you go. That principle is the same to all masterpieces, same also with postcards. Before it can inspire, entertain, motivate and inform people, postcards must first wow the potential readers through its design.

Postcards are great communication and marketing tools, that is. They can persuade by means of pictures and words. They can grab attention just at a glance. They can capture emotions as well. The difficulty now is that how do you discover the edge of postcards.

In postcard design, lots of aspects need to be considered. However, two of which are style and personality. Style is tantamount to distinctive elegance. This is the element that makes it stand out from the rest of the postcards. Just one gaze and you will feel which postcard is elegant and which is otherwise. Noticeably, people will go after the elegant one. Therefore, elegance is a feature that can make your postcard stand out. Personality, on the other hand, gives exceptionality, individuality and develops affinity between you and your potential customers. This rapport will eventually develop trust and confidence and when it does the next possible thing is put their loyalty on your company’s product’s and services.

Online postcard printing services are oftentimes used by savvy businessmen to be assured about their postcards. In the blog entry How To Measure Postcard and Email Newsletter campaigns, a postcard and newsletter marketing spreadsheet was formulated by the author. This excel spreadsheet is made available to all. Catch it if you want!

Monday, January 16, 2006


What is to come?

Year 2005 has left a morbid mark in the printing industry. Perhaps, it was not a pretty good year for it. Or that it has not exerted enough efforts to circumvent today’s changes and demands.

John Burke said in his blog entry entitled Eight 2005 newspaper trends that will continue in 2006: “One would think that after so many developments, positive and negative, that the storm would be ebbing. But 2005 may be just the beginning.”

Below are eight trends that the Editors Weblog feels will have major effects on newsrooms in 2006:

  1. Print/Online integration becoming the norm
  2. Threats against investigative journalism growing
  3. More transparency needed
  4. Breaches appearing in the free news ideology
  5. News agencies competing with newspapers
  6. Social networking: advantages for newspapers
  7. Mobile TV threatening mobile news
  8. News organizations becoming entertainment companies

These are few of the predictions of the author. Newsroom, newspapers and printing industries are susceptible to changes. One or more of these predictions may be the change/s that will soon invade the media and the printing services.


Nice Treat for Early-Bird’s

Early-Bird discount, sad to say, will soon end. The stipulated date is on January 20. So, if you are one of those willing to avail of the discount, hesitate no more. Register as soon as possible but not later than the deadline.

In the blog entry Early-Bird Discount Ends January 20 — Register Now!, It said:

Flashforward2006 Seattle probably sounded impossibly distant when we first told you about it, but now it’s only seven weeks away: February 27 - March 2.

Save $100 off any three- or four-day conference package if you register in the next two weeks. After January 20, the early-bird discount will expire, so register now!

Attendees not only have four tracks of content to choose from throughout the event, but also gain admission to the Flashforward Film Festival, Expo Hall, parties, networking events, complimentary Online Training Library memberships, and more.

And don’t forget our “five for four” group discount — if four people register at the same level, at the same time, a fifth can attend for free. We also offer special discounts for faculty, students and non-profits. Please contact or call or call 877-435-2744 toll free (001-410-386-0646 outside the US) during East Coast business hours for details.


Computer Spyware-free

I have come across a nice article that features tips in order for your computer not to be infected. It was entitled “Top 10 tips to keep that new computer spyware-free” and posted by Suzi Turner.

Here are the tips mentioned:

1. Update Windows immediately. In the Windows Security Center in the Control Panel turn on automatic download and installation for updates. Unless the computer came with a third party security suite or firewall, turn on the Windows XP firewall.

2. Update the pre-installed antivirus definitions and other security apps. Set them to auto update.

3. Download and install an alternative browser like Firefox or Opera.

4. Lockdown Internet Explorer. Yes, do it even if you use a different browser.

5. Install at least two anti-spyware apps. My top two recommended free apps are Ad-Aware and Microsoft AntiSpyware. Update definitions for both and turn on active protection in Microsoft AntiSpyware.

6. Install some free protective programs like SpywareBlaster and SpywareGuard from Javacool Software.

7. Install IE-SPYAD, which puts nearly 20,000 known dangerous domains in IE's restricted site zone.

8. Install a HOSTS file from here or here.

9. Educate yourself on how to not become infected in the first place.

10. Surf safe and practice safe hex.

Gotta be safe than be passive and lose everything we have worked hard.

Saturday, January 14, 2006


Portable Projectors are Coming…

I am glad to know that portable projectors are going to be here at long last.

A truly portable projector is brought to us by Mitsubishi. It weighs only a pound. It is so tiny that it can be placed on your very palm. In fact, it has a footprint of only 1.9 by 4.9 by 3.9 inches (HWD), is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and, at one pound, light enough to be carried around without becoming a burden.

According to a Mitsubishi representative “It’s just right for quick, easy, and temporary setup in a dim room for watching a movie, playing video games, or giving a presentation to two or three people".

This new offer of projectors is said to be suitable for traditional presentation applications. Moreover, it will definitely open doors of greener opportunities and positive changes.

This new portable just rings my bell. I feel the urge to have it paired with my computer.


Corporate Identity Threatened?

Business cards significance in the business industry cannot be over emphasized. In fact, it is the foremost tool used by businessmen and other business enthusiasts for networking their products and services.

We cannot deny the blatant fact that competition nowadays is pretty stiff. Anyone who takes it for granted and not lift a finger to compete will be way left behind. This is the very reason why businessmen and their pools of marketing experts are planning a wise and easy strategy to capture their target market. They are poring over marketing tools and advertisements. They want to conquer the mass media. But what is the easiest way to reach the top? Is it worth spending a lot?

Business cards are not only effective but affordable as well. Compared to other networking and marketing tools, business cards are far more effectual and practical. Nevertheless, they must pass meticulous planning, printing and distribution process to yield favorable results. Planning is the keynote why we have effective business cards. It is the early phase where we get to conceptualize what we want to come up. Business cards printing is an essential phase in the task. The design, colors, images and logo of business cards must instantly reflect the corporate identity of the business. The design and printing process must be of high-quality to have an excellent outcome. Bear in mind that catchy, meaty and functional business cards grab the thing that you desire most. Lastly, business cards have to be delivered. But one common blunder interferes in the smooth-sailing process. This blunder of giving them to the wrong persons must be avoided at all cost.


Poster Power

Posters are everywhere. When you walk through the alley, you see posters. When you pass by theatres and cinemas, you see posters. When your company promotes products or services, it uses posters. In your own room, chances are there are posters. What influence do posters have to have such a lasting effect on us?

Posters are widely used to advertise, announce or publicize anything worth knowing. They are pretty much in use in show business and the marketing world. These artsy works are sometimes made representations of a painting or photograph. They tickle our fantasies. They bring us back to reality. They make us think. They inspire. They condemn. They make us more relaxed. They trouble us. These are some of the domineering influences of posters. Without us knowing it, we are already captivated by its probing influence.

These days, making movies is coupled with promotions. And one way to have quality promotions is by poster printing.

Poster printing nowadays, offers a wide array of services. In addition, they are offering customization where the customers can use their own pictures and images. They can also have the discretion to alter the shape and design of posters.

When you want poster printing services that are fabulous, be sure to get a reliable printing company. That way, you can be assured that you will be getting quality and flawless posters at the right time and at the right price.

If you have no idea what printing company to choose, you can ask your friends about their choice of printer. Another option is to go online. There are sample posters available in the Net. Browse then brose more to get the kind of posters that will suit your unique and delicate taste. Go for the printer that can fulfill your poster printing aim.


Sound Postcard Marketing

Sound postcard marketing is easy if you just know where to put emphasis. Here are the vital points to consider:

1. Create a good marketing message. You have only a few seconds to attract readers so do not spoil that. Make a brief and easy to read text. Complement it with an attractive graphics. Simple yet catchy that’s the idea behind postcards.

2. Maximize space. Use the space to inform your readers what you can give them. Of course they want to know. That’s the very reason they are reading your postcards. What you can give the and how they can get it are vital.

3. Do not forget the ‘call to action’. The most important content is the ‘call to action’. You must say what you want them to do next. To buy, to subscribe – these are calls to action. Thus, if you have established it you also have to support it. Place in your postcards important details like your phone number, address and the likes. By this, you will be contacted easily.

4. Print and mail the postcards. There are a lot of postcard printing services available these days. Choose the postcard printing services that are appropriate for your needs. Make the process special. You can inquire with the printer’s services to boost the appearance and result of your postcards.

5. Put some spice to it. One way to build a great business relationship is to make your offer special. You can pass on coupons to your potential customers. If they do not intend to use it, they can pass it on to others. This process can result to new clients, new purchases and repeat purchases as well.

Postcards can quickly and inexpensively convey your marketing message. Use them to keep the customers and making them return for more!


Neat-freak’s Treat

Clean machine – that’s what my housemates say about me. But I’m not that dogmatic. I just want a clean and sound environment. Isn’t it conducive?

Every time I open the door and an eyesore was hit by my probing eyes, I get pretty upset. Messy house can never treat an exhausted body and mind. Instead, it triggers an outrage. Whenever I am in a messy room, I cannot concentrate. I feel agitated and easily irritated. I feel like confronting whoever is responsible for the mess.

Organization and keeping things tidy are two of the things that keep me busy. I want things to be always in order. That way they are accessible and easy to locate. You need not look for them in inconspicuous and hard to reach areas of the house. You will no longer waste time searching.

One thing that helps me organize my things is a folder. I always make sure that all office and home files are secured and categorized so I keep a lot of folders to aid me in my safekeeping. I put my files in it then line them up in my cabinet for easy filing. Sometimes, when I am transacting with other business enthusiasts, I carry with me folders so that my files are accessible and systematic.

Folder printing these days allows customization. This is one of the options available to customers. Customization gives folders a distinctive and personalized look. It gives a wider leeway and uses an intimate approach to persuade customers to buy the company’s products or subscribe to its services. If you want an easy folder printing transaction, you can have it online. Just search for a reputable online printing company. You can inquire from your friends and their friends as well in order to be enlightened. If you have found the company, fill up the order form according to your specifications. Then, you’ll going to have it at the stipulated time.


Potency of Postcard

Postcard serves as inspiration and motivates people towards a goal. It can be funny and make people laugh around at their friend’s misadventures and transgressions. It can bring you to different places you have never seen before. Most of all, they can drag a multitude to one’s business.

Postcards are great marketing masterpieces, that is. They can persuade by means of pictures and words. They can catch attention just at a glance. They can capture emotions as well.

Style gives postcard a brush of distinctive elegance. This is the element that makes it stand out from the rest of the postcards. Just one stare and you will feel which postcard is elegant and which is not. Obviously, people will go after the elegant one. Therefore, elegance is an attribute that can make your postcard shine.

Another attribute that must be present in your postcards is the personality. It gives uniqueness, emotion, thought and develops rapport between you and your potential clients. This rapport will eventually develop trust and confidence and when it does the next possible thing is put their loyalty on your company’s product’s and services.

Style and personality are the key factors why postcards are such a big hit among potential customers.

Another thing that you can do is to get a reliable postcard printing services to guide you with the most appropriate alternative. Choose your most convenient process.